Listed below is a selection of features from some of our larger projects.


For demonstrations, references or a walk-throughs please contact us.


Sales & Distribution warehouse

The company came to us looking to develop a website that could be updated from their Client Management System. We built them a website which included:

  • E-commerce website with payment portal
  • Unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Product filtering and advanced search options
  • Product galleries, variations, documents and accessories
  • Special offers and per customer pricing
  • Order tracking and review
  • Updates from local CRM
  • Registration and Return forms

Business Marketing Service

This company wanted to improve communication with their customers through an on-line portal. We provided an extension to their website for these features:

  • Customer account portal
  • Secure login
  • Administrator Control Panel
  • Support tickets
  • Upgrades and feature purchases
  • Account setup wizard
  • Advert creator and manager
  • Advert performance reports

Insurance Provider

Requested a platform to store, calculate and print certificates of insurance with a web portal for agents. We upgraded the project over 5 years to include:

  • Agent account management
  • Secure login and timeouts
  • Certificate calculation and export
  • Report creation with PDF printing
  • Email alerts
  • Progress authorisation
  • Record all changes
  • Three attempt lock-out, password expiration 

Engineer Job Portal

The company wished to track the product installation by full-time and contract engineers. We built them a calendar based system to be viewed remotely:

  • Administration assigned jobs and timetable
  • Web accessible calendar
  • Receipt and invoice generation
  • Accommodation details (where required)
  • Engineers can accept/reject job
  • Release details of "accepted" jobs. 
  • Phone app to record the completed work
  • Record a signing off signature.

Government Research Body

The system we developed allowed multiple researchers to login and record information on plant and animal species under scientific study. 

  • Location and behavioral tracking
  • Report creation with PDF printing
  • Geo-mapping
  • Usage and changes logged
  • Multiple logins and access levels
  • Reports generated
  • Point and click mapping