Desktop software can be constructed for a variety of functions and attached onto existing applications where possible.


Multiple user levels and access rights can be granted, allowing users to maintain their own sections and have unique data to work with as it is passed through departments. 


We specialise in designing software fit for purpose, improvements and streamlining of internal communication systems and efficient and speedy data tracking. Below we've listed some options to help you get started.


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  • User Performance and Monitoring

    • Departmental and access level control panels
    • Strong password generator with auto expiration
    • Track creation and all changes
    • Performance reports
    • Accept/Reject jobs
  • Data Collection

    • Custom forms
    • Changing questions forms
    • Validation
    • Suggestions
    • Automatic processing
    • Personalise responses
  • Data Export

    • Export search criteria
    • Export securely across networks
    • Export to .csv or .xls
    • Print styled reports to .pdf
    • Output data ranges as graphs
  • Procedures

    • Scheduled tasks
    • Process .csv imports
    • Process documents or images
    • Back up data
  • Communication

    • Integrate emails
    • Reassign user job lists
    • Verify outgoing communications
    • Live feeds
    • Auto-complete draft message
  • Hardware

    • Webcam and security camera feeds
    • Scanner and printer functions
    • Sensor and device input
    • Motor and visual output


We take your current business model and automate procedures to ensure no data is lost between departments and all enquirers get the correct response.


Software can be developed to interact with existing software and hardware in many cases. Alternatives can be sourced on request. We will conduct a review of your current infrastructure as part of our proposal, please ensure your technical advisor(s) are available to talk to us.


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Website Development

Websites, e-commerce, plug-ins and applications built for your needs.

Server Maintenance

Dedicated and Cloud hosting built, backed up and maintained.